My Adoption Process

Telephone Interview

  Deposits of $600.00  are required to HOLD a particular puppy at any age until Weaning Age.

   Before a deposit of $600.00 is accepted, I will contact you for an over-the-phone interview, and such adoption is subject to my approval. A VERBAL AGREEMENT is then made to HOLD a Particular puppy for 7 days or until the deposit is received (whichever comes first) and verified: deposited and cleared, which may take up to ten days. When the deposit is verified, the Pre-Adoption becomes Stamped as an Adoption and the Adoption is Confirmed and Announced if Adopting Party Agrees to the Announcement.

    If Deposits are not received by Day 7 from Telephone Interview, I will try to Reach the Adopting Party, by any and all means necessary. If the Adopting Party cannot be reached by Day 12, said puppy will made be Available for Adoption by another unrelated Party.

   Deposits can be made by PayPal (an additional 4% required), Cashiers Check, Money Order or Personal Check. Personal Checks will require 7-10 days for final approval. Returned Checks are subject to a $75 fee. All deposits are put towards the Total Purchase Price of such puppy.


Pre-Whelping DEPOSITS

    Non-Refundable Deposits of $600, can be made before the actual Whelping of a Particular Female or Group of Females. Only 2 Pre-Whelping Deposit is permitted per Female that is confirmed Pregnant. Making a Pre-Whelping Deposit will ensure that you will have first or second choice of one individual puppy per chosen litter. Pre-Whelping Deposits are Non-Refundable. Pre-Whelping Deposits may be transferred to a different puppy from the same litter, however, changes as to the chosen puppy must be completed 5 Days from initial choosing of initially chosen said puppy.

    Pre-Whelping Deposits cannot guarantee the Gender or Color/Markings of said future puppies. Parties with Pre-Whelping Deposits/Puppy Owners must understand that such future Whelped puppies, who would meet their exact criteria/description of such desired puppy’s - including but not limited to: gender and/or color and markings, is literally impossible. Therefore, alternative or second choices may be necessary to ensure a chosen puppy from said litter.

     Pre-Whelping Deposits cannot guarantee that said female or females will carry their pregnancy to term and produce live puppies. In such circumstances, it is understood that Deposits are HELD for the next viable litter. Parties with Pre-Whelping Deposits must understand that any Future Litters may take up to 1 Year or more, to produce viable puppies to chose from.


After Deposit is Posted.

    Adopting parties understand that AAP (All About Pekingeses)/Laurie Reggiannini aka Reggie, has Sole Responsibility of Raising said puppies, and Solely Responsible for making any and all medical decisions regarding the health and well-being of any and all Adopted puppies.

    After Adoptions are Stamped (and Announced), I will forward to you additional pictures (and possibly a video) of such puppy, at weekly (sometimes daily) intervals via e-mail or through Facebook messaging. No other parties can adopt said adopted puppy unless said weaned puppy remains unclaimed, and under the sole care of AAP, past the age of 12 weeks.


  Visitation of the puppies for sale begins at 5 weeks of age. Prospective owners are encouraged to visit with their adoptive puppy once a week, if possible, before the puppy’s Travel Date. It is less stressful for the puppy to be familiar with you before taking them home and out of their comfort zone.

Due to an Excessive Amount of Traffic, Visitation of puppies that are under 9 weeks of age is ONLY ALLOWED to the Parties that have ADOPTED a Puppy. For puppies 9 weeks of age and older, visitation is allowed by appointment only.

Adopting Parents may be asked to “Wash Their Hands” and “Wear Protective Clothing”

before handling any of my puppies.

Additional Fees

    Health Certificates: ALL Puppies who (1) Fly to their Adoptive Homes, and/or (2) Travel across MA State Lines, will Require a Health Certificate by a Licensed Veterinarian within 10 Days of Travel.  AAP (All About Pekingeses)/Laurie Reggiannini aka Reggie, will Schedule the Appointment with a Licensed Veterinarian, Travel to take the said Puppy to the Veterinary Appointment, pay the Physical Examination and Health Certificate Fee, which is then Transferred to the Adoptive Owners of said Puppy as an Additional Fee.  

    Rabies Vaccination: The Adoptive Owners of said Puppy, who is 12 Weeks of Age or Older, can also choose for the Puppy to receive their First Rabies Vaccination, which AAP (All About Pekingeses)/Laurie Reggiannini aka Reggie, will Pay for the Cost and then Transfer the Cost to the Adoptive Owners as an Additional Fee.

     Microchip: Adoptive Owners may also Purchase a Home Again Microchip directly from AAP (All About Pekingeses)/Laurie Reggiannini aka Reggie, for an Additional Fee. AKC Home Again Microchips can be Registered ONLINE for a ONE TIME Fee. (Veterinary Hospitals also offer Microchips, however, their Fees are THREE Times more Expensive, and require an ANNUAL Fee.  Please Check with your Veterinary Hospital to inquire about the Cost of their Microchips for my statements accuracy.)

     Microchips are NOT Injected here at AAP (All About Pekingeses)/Laurie Reggiannini aka Reggie. The Microchip is Delivered through a 16-gauge Needle, and I feel that it is MUCH Too Big for my Precious Babies before they leave for their Dream Homes. I highly recommend that these, and any Microchips, are Injected either (1) when the Puppy is over 8 Pounds or (2) when they are under Anesthesia for their Spay/Neuter surgery.


 Taking Puppy Home

  My puppies are ready to go to their new homes between 8 and 12 weeks of age, depending on their individual development. The puppies will be eating very well on their own before they are ready to go to their new homes.

   I encourage the use of my on-site isolated introduction area if you wish to introduce your current dog(s) with your new puppy, especially if current dog can be dominant or possessive. This offers neutral territory for all parties involved, for an increased success rate in compatibility. All dogs must be well behaved and under your control at all times.

    When you Pick Up your Puppy, you will receive my Puppy Care Guide, that explains exactly How my babies are Raised, as well as Answers some Common Questions.



AKC Home Again Microchip $35.00

Health Certificate $100.00

Rabies Vaccine $75.00





Door to Door: $100 for First Hour Traveled, and then $50.00 per Hour Traveled Thereafter.

Airport Travel: $100.00

Total Purchase Price

    My Pekingese puppies are ready for their new homes between 8-12 weeks of age, depending on their individual development and I reserve the sole right to determine the proper age for such puppy to be ready to leave for its new dream home.

    The Total Purchase Price is DUE IN FULL at the time of delivery for clients/customers paying with Cash and Picking-Up at All About Pekingeses Residence, or when said puppy is 12 weeks of age, regardless of Travel Date.  

   The total purchase price is DUE IN FULL 2 weeks PRIOR to the delivery/transport, or when said puppy is 12 weeks of age, agreed upon for ALL clients/customers utilizing ANY of my Travel Services AND for ALL clients/customers paying by Personal Check. The Total Purchase Price that is Due in Full INCLUDES any and all Travel Service Fee(s), to be determined 2 Weeks PRIOR to Delivery/Transport. The Total Purchase Price is DUE IN FULL  at or before adopted puppy reached 12 weeks of age, regardless of delivery date.


   The Total Purchase Price includes any and all Additional Fees,: Health Certificate, Rabies Vaccination, Microchip and Travel Services.


Travel Service Available 

As of July 16, 2017 - AAP No Longer offers Discounts.