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   I was employed full-time as a veterinary technician since 1987. I started at the ground level as a kennel attendant/receptionist/assistant at a small 2 doctor hospital.  After a year and a half, I landed another job at a well-respected 24-hour hospital, South Shore Veterinary Associates (SSVA).  SSVA  had 23 doctors plus 18 interns a year, over 40 staff members and 3 sister clinics.  I loved this job, it was fast-paced and very busy. I worked three twelve hour days and had my weekends off. While at this hospital, I acquired crucial knowledge in the veterinary field. I was involved with a variety of diagnostic and surgical procedures, supervising medical emergencies and treatment as well as empathetic client education. I spent eight years in this position, until the owner sold the practices to a larger veterinary chain.

   I followed my former boss to his Cape Cod hospital, in charge of the surgery department and worked there for another two years. Even after many years in this field, I still felt like there was a lot more to learn. So I joined a much larger facility, even more well-known than any other hospital I worked at, the highly respected Angell Memorial Animal Hospital. After a long and tough two years as an Assistant Surgery Supervisor, I felt like I was jailed, with all the red-tape that went along with the job. I spent the next two years working for a veterinary hospital chain, which included several hospitals spread out over Massachusetts.

   As a Technician Training Coordinator that involved visiting all the hospitals a few weeks at a time and to retrain their technicians as well as some of their doctors. It was a turbulent job and I came across a number of technicians who didn’t even know the basics of veterinary medicine. Many of them had been technicians for 10 years or more, and couldn’t even tell me a normal heart rate of a dog or cat. It was appalling to find out how little they knew. After a year, I was burnt out and I resigned.


I decided to take a break from the veterinary industry, and started looking for something related to my career. I found an ad at new Pet Store, Woof & Co.,  looking for sales people. I figured that now was the time to see what really goes on at these places, instead of just talking about how bad they are, I wanted to know first hand. I started as a regular sales assistant. The things I saw only intrigued me to find out more, so two months later, when I was offered a management position at a new location, I took it. It took them three months to fire me, but by then, I already had mounds and mounds of evidence against them. Along with a few animal activist friends, and a lot of weekends picketing these stores,  The chain was closed down.

     I took the rest of the year to regroup. I finally decided to go back to the veterinary industry and took a position with my former boss, at his specialty practice running his surgery department. Six years later, I was injured on the job and my career came to an abrupt end.

      After my injury, I began training horses, and did that for 6 years. I went back to work as a Small Animal Veterinary Technician in 2016.

      January 2004 to February 2010                  Boston  Veterinary Specialists,  Henry Enterprises                Dedham, MA   

                                                                   Cape Cod  Veterinary Specialists, Henry Enterprises               Bourne, MA

Surgical Department Head Boston/Emergency Technician Cape Cod

November 2001 – January 2003                      Healthy Pet Corporation                                                Hanson, MA

Technician Training Coordinator/Assistant Manager     

September 1999 – November 2001             Angell Memorial Animal Hospital, MSPCA                          Boston, MA

Assistant Surgery Supervisor

June 1997- Sept. 1999                  Cape Cod Veterinary Specialists,  Henry Enterprises                 Buzzards Bay, MA

Senior Surgery Technician

September 1989 –June 1997         South Shore Veterinary Associates, Henry Enterprises         South Weymouth, MA

Senior Veterinary Technician  

March 1987– September 1989                       Whitman Animal Hospital                                           Whitman, MA

Veterinarian Assistant/Kennel Attendant

January 2003 – June 2003            Woof & Company, DC Retail, Family Pet Centers               Braintree & Saugus, MA                      

General Manager Pet Store




September 1980– March 1987                    Barks N’ Bubbles Pet Store                                 East Weymouth, MA

Dog Groomer/Customer Care


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About Me

      November 2016 to Present                Westford Emergency and Referral Hospital                              Westford, MA


Surgical Technician

      October 2016 to Present                  Blue Pearl Veterinary Partners                                                   Waltham, MA

Emergency /ICU Overnight Technician