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I am a Small, Private Breeder of Quality Pekingese Puppies.

My Pekingese Parents are Selectively Bred.  

I only breed Pekingese that are Healthy and Stable.

My Priorities are Health, Personality and Conformation. I will NOT breed dogs with any known Genetic or Inherited Diseases. I will NOT breed dogs with Severely Bowed Front Legs or Luxating Patellas. I offer several Body Types for those who prefer a Particular Appearance.    

I offer my Pekingese puppies for Adoption to approved homes only.

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Adopt a Puppy

Where to Purchase a Puppy?

   Purchasing a puppy from a Reputable Breeder is not as easy as purchasing from a pet store. Reputable Breeders work hard to raise, socialize and care for all of their puppies and only want what is best for them. Some Breeders are stricter than others, and it may seem like an interrogation more than a simple meeting. It may be stressful, intimidating and threatening to some people that are simply looking for a life-long companion. For this reason, I believe that for some, it is easier for them to go to a pet store because Pet Store employees do not ask buyers anything at all, just pay and you’re good to go.

    However, for numerous reasons, I feel that pet stores should not sell puppies at all. Although, Its not the puppy’s fault that they end up in pet stores, it is the breeders who breed them strictly for this purpose.  I don’t understand how a Breeder could allow this to happen to their puppies, it is a horrible experience (that I have witnessed first-hand) for the puppies and to these breeders its just about the “guaranteed money” and getting rid of their puppies quickly. I hope that in the future, pet stores can no longer legally sell puppies and that more people purchase their life-long companions from Responsible, Reputable Breeders.

    In Addition, you will find that most Reputable Breeders’ puppies are more reasonable priced than Pet Stores puppies. Pet Stores are only in the ‘puppy business’ for a wide margin profit, while most Reputable Breeders are not in it for the money at all, and hardly make a profit on each puppy. When you Purchase A Puppy from a Reputable Breeder, the puppy is less likely to have genetic, inherited or orthopedic problems. You can be rest assured that the puppies’ parents have been selectively bred, to promote a happy and healthy puppy that will live well into their teenage years.

    Unlike many breeders, I will not and do not make mandatory demands on what your new puppy is fed, nor do I mandate the type of heartworm preventative used, the type of vaccines given, or topical flea & tick products used. I simply offer valid suggestions and explanations on these various topics, for you to make your own informed decision. The adoption/purchase of my puppies is a simple, relaxing, and fun process for you.

    Before purchasing a puppy or leaving a deposit on a particular puppy, it is necessary to speak with me. Upon getting to know you and what type of environment you have to offer my puppy (or puppies), I reserve the right to accept or deny the sale of my puppy ( or puppies) to you, the buyer.

How to Contact All About Pekingeses

I only Breed my Pekingese when I have a Current Waiting List. And It is Mandatory that I Speak with you on the Phone, before you are placed on my Waiting List.

There are Several Ways to Contact Me about my Available Pekingese Puppies:

  1. Visit my FaceBook Page: All About Pekingeses, and send me a Message via PM (Private Message).
  2. E-Mail me at:
  3. Call Me at: 781-331-9889; Please Leave Me a Message and I will get back to you within 24-36 Hours.

Amadeo, Cameo and their Girls 1-23-15






Vehicle Transport: $100.00 for the 1st Hour Traveled, and then $50 per Hour Traveled Thereafter.

Airport Travel: $100.00

As of July 16, 2017 - AAP No Longer offers Discounts.