Adopted Adults

   Macchia’s I See Spots

  Macchia has been Adopted into a Wonderful, Loving Home in PA. She will Enjoy a New Housemate, Elvis, a Senior Peke. She will Enjoy Walks along the River with her New Dudda, Chris.

Congrat’s to Chris & Elvis!

The Skye is the Limit

   Skye-Blu has been Adopted by a Wonderful Couple and Lives in Vermont on 16 Acres! She will Enjoy her Two New Parents and Four Housemates to Play and Run with!

Congratulations Linda and Family!


Cinnamon & Ginger

 Cinnamon (formerly Shelby) has been Adopted by a Wonderful, Loving Couple in New York.

  Less than 1 Week after Adopting Cinnamon, Pam & Kevin decided to Adopt Ginger (formerly Shasta) Too!!

 Cinnamon & Ginger are Half-Sisters, both having the same Dudda, Aldo, but different Moms.

   I am SO Happy that Both Girls will Live Together Forever, and be Loved & Cared-for to the Max!

Congrat’s to Pam & Kevin!

Raven’s Crystal Halo

   Raven, a Sweet Little Japanese Chin, has been Adopted by a Repeat Customer, who Adopted Zeus, from Aldo & Dante. Raven fits right in with her New Dream Family! She gets to Cuddle with 2 Mommies, and a Dudda. She has 2 Housemates, Gizmo (L), and Zeus.

Congrat’s to Tiffany, Trinity and Mike!!


  Aldo “The Hitman” Capo

   Aldo has been Adopted by a Previous Puppy Owner, and will be living in New Hampshire. He is Retired from Breeding, and will Totally Enjoy his New Life.

Congrat’s to Nancy!!