Adopted Adults

   Macchia’s I See Spots

  Macchia has been Adopted into a Wonderful, Loving Home in PA. She will Enjoy a New Housemate, Elvis, a Senior Peke. She will Enjoy Walks along the River with her New Dudda, Chris.

Congrat’s to Chris & Elvis!

Cinnamon & Ginger

 Cinnamon (formerly Shelby) has been Adopted by a Wonderful, Loving Couple in New York.

  Less than 1 Week after Adopting Cinnamon, Pam & Kevin decided to Adopt Ginger (formerly Shasta) Too!!

 Cinnamon & Ginger are Half-Sisters, both having the same Dudda, Aldo, but different Moms.

   I am SO Happy that Both Girls will Live Together Forever, and be Loved & Cared-for to the Max!

Congrat’s to Pam & Kevin!

Raven’s Crystal Halo

   Raven, a Sweet Little Japanese Chin, has been Adopted by a Repeat Customer, who Adopted Zeus, from Aldo & Dante. Raven fits right in with her New Dream Family! She gets to Cuddle with 2 Mommies, and a Dudda. She has 2 Housemates, Gizmo (L), and Zeus.

Congrat’s to Tiffany, Trinity and Mike!!


  Aldo “The Hitman” Capo

   Aldo has been Adopted by a Previous Puppy Owner, and will be living in New Hampshire. He is Retired from Breeding, and will Totally Enjoy his New Life.

Congrat’s to Nancy!!

Kiana’s Whisper (aka Kee-Kee)

  Kee-Kee is from Amadeo & Rumor and was Born January 25, 2018. She is a Gorgeous White with Reddish Markings. She has a Longer Body with Shorter Legs. Her Coat is Soft, Fluffy, of Medium Length with Thick Undercoat and Long Feathering.

   She loves Everyone. She loves to be Outside, and is Very Athletic. She loves her Toys and Playing Fetch ALL Day is her Favorite. She also loves Swimming, and Playing Duckie Rescue. She is Puppy Pad Trained, and has Impeccable Manners.

   She is Very Sweet, Affectionate, Cuddly and Kissy. She loves everyone and would not make a good watchdog! She is Puppy Pad Trained, but prefers Outside. She can be Dominant over a more Submissive dog, but Submissive to Dominant dogs.

ADOPTED by Kristen!

Gonzo & Beaker

  Gonzo & Beaker are from Macchia & Aldo and was Born January 2, 2015.

   Theyr were Adopted-Out Together at 9 Weeks of Age, however, their Adoptive Mom passed away unexpectedly and the Boys returned back at AAP in June 2019.


    Gonzo and Beaker are a VERY Bonded Pair of Littermates. Both are 4.5 Years Old, Neutered and UTD on Vaccines.

    Gonzo is Dominant over Beaker; They both know their Place and They get along Wonderfully. Both Boys are Extremely Sweet, Cuddly, Loyal and Loving.

    They came back to AAP a Couple Months ago with a Couple Behavior Issues, from not being kept Properly Socialized. They were Possessive and Self-Protective from 4 years of very little Socialization.

    I spent the following weeks Modifying their Behavior. They are Very Smart and were VERY Successful in becoming Socially Tolerant of other Dogs. However, I feel its Best if they are Adopted into a Household where their New Owners could Maintain or Further their Education. Also, They prefer to be the ONLY Pets in such Household.

     They are Very Attached to their Person, and prefer to be with them always. They want to Sit & Sleep on the Couch with you, and most of the time want in the least - a paw touching you,  or they will lay their head on your lap. They are Good Watchdogs, and will Alert you to Unfamiliar Noises, but are also Quick to Quiet Down.  

    They are Both Crate & Puppy Pad Trained and prefer to Sleep IN your Bed with you. They like the Outdoors and loved being Walked, but will not tolerate being left outside alone. They are Good Eaters, but Gonzo has a Sensitive Stomachs - so no quick meal changes.

     They absolutely do DO NOT DO WELL with Cats, or Men!


ADOPTED by Sarah!