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Dalia Rhianon’s Dreams UnWind  

  Dalia is a Parti-Colored Female from Aldo & Dante’s Fourth Litter, born October 9, 2013.

  Dalia has a Perfectly Even Bite, a Full Square Head with Adequate Nares. She has straight limbs, solid knees and medium length legs. She has a Medium length Coat, but very little Undercoat - so she does Shiver in Colder Weather, and cannot be kept Outside too long.

  Dalia is a Spunky girl, but Very Sweet, and Definitely a Momma’s Girl! She loves to Run and Play, loves her Toys, but also Loves her Hugs.

   Dalia is Standoffish with Strangers, and can be Very Shy and Flighty. She gets along with other Dogs, but can be Dominant over other Intact Females. She is Very Athletic. She is Puppy Pad & Crate Trained. She is Good for Grooming, but afraid of Clippers, and Touchy with her Nails.


Colada is the Daughter of Alika born July 22, 2018. She is Long & Low, and has a White Coat with Butterscotch markings. He coat is Thick and Medium Length. She has a Bold Nasal Fold and Adequate nares. She tries to be Athletic as she can with her Little Legs, but she can’t keep-up with longer-legged dogs.

She has a Vision Impairment, as her Optic nerve did not fully develop. Also, her Cornea is Too Small in comparison to the Size of her Eyeball. She CAN See, but her Sight is Compromised. She can’t see very good distances at all, and she has No peripheral Sight at all. For Instance, she can’t see if she drops a cookie, she has to sniff it out.

With her Vision Impairment, she cannot be left outside by herself, she can’t be allowed near stairs or any other situation where she could get herself hurt. She gets along with other dogs, but will bump into them, or walk really close to them due to her inability to see below her face. Also, unfamiliar people or animals sends her into hiding mode, and sometimes I have to look under beds to find her. She will stay here unless we find her a VERY Dedicated Person.

She is very sweet, cuddly, and gives tons of kisses.

Amato Dio Amadeo

  Amadeo is a beautiful, 11 pound, black & white Intact Male. He has a perfectly, flat face and a profuse coat.

    He has a delightful, spunky personality. He is ready for play at any time of the day! It’s difficult to get him to Relax, as he’s always Happy to be Touched! He LOVES the backyard and being outside. In the summer, he plays ‘Duckie Rescue’ in his Kiddie Pool.  He is also a cuddle-muffin and gives me endless sloppy kisses. I keep his Coat short in the Summer, because he swims so much that his thick coat takes a very long time to dry.    

  He is Heat & Humidity Intolerant, so he requires Air Conditioning during the Summer Months, and absolutely cannot be left out in the heat. He is Possessive of his Food and will Growl at an approaching Dog, but it rarely goes further than that.

     He is Puppy Pad & Crate Trained, but will Lift his leg in the House. He will wear Bellie Bands, but will Wriggle out of them if they are too loose. He loves Everyone, so he’s not a very good watchdog!