Dante & Aldo - DL1

Aldo and Dante DL1

(Beatrix-Stella) : 9:30 am F Black/Tan, 175 grams

Charmin (Champa) : 11:00 am F Cream, 171 grams

Peanut (Ziva la Diva) : 11:10 am F  Cream, 130 grams

Parti-Girl (Jewel) : 12:50 pm F Parti-Color, 144 grams

(Jack) : 1:30 pm M Gray Sable, 152 grams

Striper (Cocoa) :3:00 pm M Black, 171 grams

Tonka :10:15 pm M Black/Tan, 222 grams


Family Photos at Bottom of Page.

Family Photos!


lives in Massachusetts with her family, which includes two Cocker/Pekingese crosses: Dexter & Dolly, Tiger the orange kitty and Dixie the Yorkshire Terrier! She is a beautiful girl!

Thank You Mary and Carol!

Photo Updated 10-21-13

Champa & Tonka

are living in Colorado with their family. They have their own doggie room and doggie door that leads to an outside area completely fenced in!

Congratulations! They recently graduated from    Training Classes!

Thank You Viji, Britto, Priya & Chris!

Photos Updated 12-25-17


lives in Massachusetts with her family of three.

 She is Z-Queen of the household and deeply loved by all!

Thank You Christine, Marcel and Charlie!

Photos Updated Sptember 2016

Ziva la Diva

is living in Iowa with her family. Ziva loves her family, which includes her handsome brother, a Pekingese named Yoda. She is truly a diva!

Congratulations on winning the Styles Show!

Thank You Debbie!

Photos Updated 7-4-15


is living in Massachusetts with his family. His roommate is a 7 year old Beagle, Bailey. But his best friend is little Ella!

We Love you Kimberly and Ella!

Photos updated December 2016


is living in Rhode Island with her family. Her sidekick is Sam, is a 13 year old Yorkshire Terrier and her playmate is a handsome Pekingese, Ziggy.

Thank You Rachel and Karen!

Photo Updated 1-2-13