Dante & Aldo - DL2


is living in Maine with her new family. She has a new brother, Brady, a Russian Blue kitty, that will provide hours of fun for her! Her new family will love her and cherish her for the rest of her life!

Thank You Louis, Diana and Tina!

Photos Updated 1-19-15

Reece Boo Darla

is living in Massachusetts with her new family. A wonderful family of three will love her everyday!

Thank You Jamie, Matty & John!

Photos Updated 2-1-13


is living in Rhode Island with his new family. He has a 3 year old Shih Tzu, Maggie, as his new sister. He will have tons of fun with Baylah and Landon, who will love and play him all day long!

Thank You Bethany!

Photos Updated  April 2017


is living in New Hampshire with his new family. After wanting a Pekingese for months, a very lucky and surprised wife is very happy to have him!

Thank You Arthur!

Photos Updated12-25-17

Aldo and Dante DL2

Mowgli:  2:20 pm M Gray Sable, 138 grams

Kimba (Harley) : 9:30 pm M Cream, 204 grams

Angel: 2:30 am F  Red Sable, 166 grams

Tootsie (Reece Boo Darla) : 4:00 am F  Black, 182 grams


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