Dante & Aldo - DL4

Photos Updated  December 2016

Photos Updated 11-17-14

Photos Updated December 2016


I am a Red Sable Male, Born Third, at 11:05 am, and I weighed 193 Grams. I am Cool, Calm & Collected!

I live in New Hampshire with my New Mommie & Daddie! I have a New Big Brother, Schmoo and a very Handsome Kittie Friend!  


I am a Parti-Color Female, Born Fourth, at 12:00 pm, and I weighed 173 Grams. I even have the “Queen’s Approval Mark” on my Head!

I live here at All About Pekingeses with my 11 Brothers & Sisters!


I am a Handsome Cream-Colored Male, Born Fifth at 1:35 pm, and I weighed 196 Grams.

I am an Absolutely Gorgeous Big Boy that my New Parents Wished For! I live in Delaware and have a New Big Brother, Decoy the Lab!

 Congrat’s Lynn, Randy & Brittany!

Gotham’s Regal Blue Batman

AKA. Batman

I am a Small Black Male, Born Sixth at 5:05 pm, and I weighed 160 Grams.

I have a Wonderful New Dream Home in Missouri, and a Big Sister, Pompeii, and a Kittie-Cat Frenchie!

Congrat’s Stacy!!

Lady Alexandria Grayson

AKA. Lexi

I am a Parti-Color Female and I was Born First, at 8:05 am, and I weighed 189 Grams.

I have an Awesome Dream Home with my Wonderful Family in Missouri.

Congrat’s Kassia & Chad!

Photos Updated 9-12-15

Photos Updated December 2016


I am a Black/Tan Female, Born Second, at 10:05 am, and I weighed 205 Grams.

I have a Wonderful New Dream Home here in Massachusetts! My New Friend is Dominic and I just Love him & My Home.

Congrat’s Colleen, Stephen and Dominic!

Aldo and Dante DL4

Lexi: 8:05 am F -Parti-Color, 189 grams

Pandora: 10:05 am: F  Black, 205 grams

Hershey (Sebastian): 11:05 am M Red Sable, 193 grams

Patch (Dalia): 12:00 pm F Parti-Color, 173 grams

JackPot: 1:35 pm M  Cream, 196 grams

Batman: 5:00 pm M  Black/Tan, 160 grams


Family Photos!

Family Photos at Bottom of Page.

2 Weeks Old -Nursing.

3 Weeks 2 Days Old- Playing!

4 Weeks 3 Days Old- in The Doggie Room!