Deposit Record & Bill of Sale

All About Pekingeses byReggie

Deposit Record & Bill of Sale

All About Pekingeses/byReggie/Laurie Reggiannini’s puppies are ready for their new homes between 8-12 weeks of age, depending on their individual development. All About Pekingeses reserves the sole right to determine the proper age for such puppy to be ready to leave for its dream home. Buyer Initials


All About Pekingeses accepts the following forms of payment: Cash, PayPal (include 4% fee), Personal Check, Money Order, or Cashier’s Check. All returned checks will incur a $100 fee. Buyer Initials


Before a Deposit is accepted, all prospective Buyer must complete a ‘Telephone Interview’ with All About Pekingeses. Deposits of $600.00 can be placed on a particular puppy, at any age. The deposit is put towards the total purchase price of such puppy. All deposits are Non-Refundable. Buyer Initials

**At the Date of Affirmation of Adoption, said puppy will be placed ON HOLD for 7 Days. Deposits must be received no later than 7 days from date of affirmation of adoption of said puppy, which was made via e-mail notification, facebook message or telephone discussion. Once the Non-Refundable $600 Deposit is received, said puppy is announced as Adopted by the Party or Parties on this Contract. If a Deposit is not received within 7 days of affirmation, said puppy will be Available for Adoption to another Party.** Buyer Initials

The Non-Refundable Deposit from the Buyer IS transferable to the Buyers for their “Second Choice” puppy in the ‘Same Litter’ if Buyer decides, and second-choice puppy is still available.  All About Pekingeses. Buyer Initials


All About Pekingeses will determine the age that said puppy is mentally prepared to leave for their new home. All About Pekingeses will determine Go-Home age of said Puppy by or at 7 weeks of age and that determined date will be deemed the “Travel Date”; also at that time All About Pekingeses requires the Noted “Travel Date” for said puppy, to be verbally agreed upon by the seller and buyer. Any and All puppy(s) at 12 weeks of age, without a verbally agreed upon “Travel Date”, will be by deemed and clarified as “Unclaimed” by All About Pekingeses from such prospective Buyer. Such buyers/customers with a deemed “Unclaimed” puppy(s) will have  and are subject to “Null and Void” Contracts and Bill of Sales AND will FORFEIT any and all MONIES paid to All About Pekingeses, not just deposit amount(s). Any and All “Unclaimed” 12 week old puppy(s) will be available for adoption to another/different party without consent from previous adoptive owner(s).  Buyer Initials


Adopted Puppy(s) may be placed “ON HOLD” and kept here, after the weaning age of 12 weeks by and at All About Pekingeses. Such Puppy(s) may be held for up to 1 week/7 days from agreed upon “Travel Date” at no additional charge. Puppy(s) “OH HOLD” longer than 1 week/7 days will have an additional charge of $75.00 per week, and monies will be applied to the total purchase price. The “ON HOLD” adopted puppy(s) must be picked up on a date verbally agreed upon by both the seller All About Pekingeses and Buyer. Buyer Initials


The Non-Refundable Deposit of $600 will hold said puppy until the weaning age, which is between 8-12 weeks. The Total Purchase Price is DUE IN FULL at the time of delivery or when puppy is 12 weeks of age, whichever comes first, for clients/customers paying with Cash and Picking-Up at All About Pekingeses Residence.  The Total Purchase Price is DUE IN FULL 2 weeks prior to the delivery/transport/travel date or when puppy is 12 weeks of age, whichever comes first, agreed upon for ALL clients/customers utilizing my Travel Services AND for ALL clients/customers paying by Personal Check. The Total Purchase Price that is Due in Full includes any and all Travel Service Fee(s), which is determined by the said puppy’s Travel Date. The Total Purchase Price is DUE IN FULL when said puppy reached 12 weeks of age, regardless of Travel Date. Buyer Initials


About Pekingeses will safely transport your New Pekingese Puppy to your home address or other agreed upon ‘Meeting Place’. All About Pekingeses will drive ‘Up to 3 hours’ from our residence, via vehicle; all arraignments are to be made 2 weeks PRIOR to such Delivery/Transport Date. The Travel Fee is based upon the total hours of accrued driving time between our residence and your Meeting Place, at $100 for the First Hour of Travel, and then $50.00 per hour traveled thereafter. Depending on the hour(s) traveled, About Pekingeses may or may not make ‘Rest Stops’ every 2 hours, for 15 minutes each stop, for your new puppy’s bathroom duties, and will be calculated into the Total Due for Travel Fees. The Mileage used to calculate the Total Travel Fees are based on MapQuest directions. Buyer Initials


Health Certificates are required for any and all adopted puppies to Fly on any Airlines, and also for crossing MA State Lines. Health Certificates are an Additional $100.00, and will be added to the Total Purchase Price. Rabies Vaccines can be given before Delivery for an Additional Charge of $100.00, and will be added to the Total Purchase Price. Home Again Microchips can be Purchased for an Additional $35.00, and will be added to the Total Purchase Price. Microchips are to be injected by your Veterinarian at the Time of Spay or Neuter. At NO Time, and under NO Circumstances will a Puppy under the Age of 6 months be Microchipped without Sedation or Anesthesia. Buyer Initials

For Puppies requiring Transport to Boston, MA’s Logan Airport, will be charged a flat rate of $100 and will be added to the Total Purchase Price. All About Pekingeses will Safely meet you at the Airport Terminal Drop-Off Location  outside in Parking Area, which is listed on the Flight Agenda Instruction Sheet, and will do our Best to arrive before your light is Scheduled to Land. Your New Puppy will have Care Instructions, a Health Certificate and Minimal Supplies in order to Abide by the Airlines Regulations. Any remaining included Supplies that will not fit into the puppy’s carrier - will be Mailed separately to your Residence before the Travel Date. For Puppies Utilizing, a Transport Company, Buyers will be charged an additional $80 for an Airline Approved Soft-Sided Travel Carrier and will be added to the Total Purchase Price. Buyer Initials


SELLER REPRESENTATIONS:  About Pekingeses is the legal and true owner of the Dog and the unqualified right to sell the Dog.  REGISTRATION AND OWNERSHIP TRANSFERS: Upon payment in full as set forth above, About Pekingeses shall officially transfer ownership and registration, Buyer/Customer.

By signing this Bill of Sale, I agree to the Terms & Conditions, Health & Congenital Defects Policy and the Refunds & Returns Policy stated in the purchase agreement and I will abide by all statements made therein.

This Agreement shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the State of Massachusetts. IN WITNESS WHEREOF, Seller has executed and delivered this Bill of Sale to the Buyer/customer and date listed below.

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