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Who is the AKC-American Kennel Club?

The most common misconception is that because a dog is registered with the AKC, the dog must be of good quality. The truth is, the AKC does not regulate how their registered dogs are being bred. Period. It doesn’t mean a damn thing that your dog is registered with the AKC. There are numerous National Kennel Clubs and the AKC is only one of them.


   Update April 13, 2007 A number of people showed up today in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania including Best Friends Animal Society to rally against the AKC's support for puppy mills.

    The rally took place during a seminar the AKC held to help breeders and dog owners oppose regulations of puppy mills and such anti-cruelty measures as anti-chaining laws.   By Laura Allen


   Two AKC JUDGES were recently charged with 22 counts of ANIMAL CRUELTY against their own dogs in THEIR puppy mill!!

     Miriam Winkler & James Deppen of 'The Judges Choice of Ironwood Kennels' in Pennsylvania were charged after an unannounced inspection of their kennels. They were ordered to seek immediate Vet care for their dogs.


 AKC brought in well over $30 million in revenues from registration of dogs born in puppy mills.

    Puppy mills mean big revenues for the AKC. In 2006 the American Kennel Club (AKC) registered 870,000 individual dogs and 416,000 litters. At $20 per dog and $25 per litter (plus $2 per puppy),


  The AKC is the largest and most active organization opposed to any changes in the Animal Welfare Act that would improve conditions in puppy mills.

    Why would the AKC, who has deceivingly appeared for years to be concerned about the welfare of man's best friend, fight so very hard to prevent changes in the laws that would protect dogs?

The AKC offers discounts to large volume breeders, aka puppy mills.

The AKC gave $100,000 to the Hunte Corporation in 2006.

  The American Kennel Club is a proud platinum member of the Missouri Pet Breeders Association. This is the part of the AKC that they don’t want you to know - that they work hand-in-hand with the puppy mill industry. The AKC’s relationship with the puppy mill industry is a vital part of its financial operation. The more dogs registered with them - the more money they make.

   Andrew Hunte, founder of the Hunte Corporation, the largest Class B Broker of puppy mill puppies, was invited to sit at the AKC box at the Westminster Dog Show.

 In 2005, the AKC entered into a contractual arrangement with Debbie’s Petland, the largest outlet for puppy mill puppies. This deal was abandoned after a massive protest by dog owners.


The American Kennel Club requires EAR CROPPING & TAIL DOCKING! But Europe shows WITHOUT COSMETIC SURGERY!


We get our pups from the Hunte Corporation!


The Bottom Line: The AKC supports Puppy Mills!

2012 News Flash

Many top breeders are choosing to register their new puppies with other registries!

 And boycotting the akc!

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 Registration Clubs


  Breed Clubs are part of a National Registration Club. Most countries have one National Kennel Club, which is responsible for maintaining all of the records of all their registered dogs in each individual breed. The dog breed club is responsible for writing or changing the breed standard for their breed of interest, and they submit their new or revised standard to their National Kennel Club, which is either adopted as standard or denied. If the new standard is adopted, it becomes the new Breed Standard of such National Kennel Club. I have listed (below) the most common kennel or registration clubs below, one not being better than another.

Kennel Clubs or Registrars

‘All Kennel Clubs’ is an National Registration Database






American Kennel Club


United Kennel Club


American Canine Association


Continental Kennel Club


United All Breed Registry


American Canine Registry