Aldo & Macchia - ML2


Milo (formerly Scooter) was Born at 192 grams, and is the Heaviest & Chunkiest Boy.

He is a Handsome Dark Fawn Sable with White Paws and a White Blaze on his Head. He is a Playful, Friendly and Dominant Boy. He will be between 14-18 Pounds Full Grown, and have a Short to Medium Length Wavy Coat.

Congrats to The Ross Family!!

Photos updated 2-9-15


Beaker was Born at 176 Grams. Beaker is a Red Sable, with a Partial Black Mask with a Dorsal Stripe. He has Gorgeous Chestnut Cheeks, and Black Markings on his Front Legs and Tail.

Congrats to Nikki & Bob!

Photos Updated 10-1-17


Gino, formerly Fozzi, was Born at 167 Grams.

He is Cream with a Faint White Blaze on his Forehead.

Gino is Loving Life in New York with a Wonderful Mommie!

Congrats to Jane!

Photos Updated 12-25-17

Aldo & Macchia ML2

via C-Section.

Scooter (Milo): Sable Male with White Markings

Gonzo: Fawn Sable Male with Black Mask

Beaker: Red Sable Male with Partial Black Mask

Fozzi (Gino): Cream Male with White Markings


Gonzo was Born at 176 Grams. Gonzo is a Handsome Fawn Sable with  White Front Socks, White Hind Paws,  White Chin & Chest, and a White Spot of the Back of his Neck.

Congrats to Nikki & Bob!

Photos Updated 10-1-17


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