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Brando’s Steel Bubbles

 Brando was born to Arria & Amadeo on October 28, 2014 via C-Section.

  He is a Profuse-Coated Show-Type, and will be 9 Pounds Full Grown. He is a Steel Gray and White Boy wit Blue-ish Hazel Eyes.

  He is a Very Sweet Boy, and loves to sit on your Lap. He is Puppy Pad Trained, but also loves the Outdoors. He requires Daily Brushing to keep his Coat Un-Tangled, and he is Well Behaved for Grooming. He is also Good for his Nails and for Bathing. He gets along with other dogs, and is Submissive to other dogs.

 I was planning on Breeding Brando, but he is Cryptorchid, which means that only one of his testicles has descended. This condition requires him to be neutered, with NO Additional Incision, because his right testicle is in his groin-area, directly adjacent the Pre-Scrotal Incision. He may or may not be Neutered before Adoption.

Shipping is No Longer Available.

Chester Harris

Chester was born to Arria & Amadeo on October 28, 2014 via C-Section.

He is a Handsome Profuse-Coated Parti-Color, with White and Chestnut Patches & Black Markings. He will be about 10 Pounds Full Grown, with Brown Eyes.

Chester is a Calm, Friendly, and Totally Lovable Boy. He is Quiet and Easy Going! He will Follow you Everywhere, and Loves to Sit on your Lap, and Gives Kisses. Chester is Well Behaved for Grooming, Bathing and Nail Trims.

I would Prefer that Brando and Chester be Adopted-Out together, as They have a Very Tight Bond.

Chester may or may not be Neutered before Adoption, but he may also be used in a Small, Family, Home-Based Breeding Program for an Additional Fee with Full Registration.

Shipping is No Longer Available.


Payment is Due in FULL at Time of Adoption.

Payment Plans are NOT Available.

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