My Available Puppies



Fozzi is the Smallest and was Born at 166 Grams.

He is Solid Cream, but is Fading Quickly to a Light cream with a White Blaze on his Forehead. Fozzi is Lovable, Cuddly and Very Friendly. He may be a Submissive Boy. He will be between 14-16 Pounds Full Grown and have a Medium length Wavy Coat.

Adoption Pending!!

Chester Harris

Chester was Born at 127 grams, and is One of the Smallest Boys.

He is a Handsome Tri-Color and is White with Chestnut Patches & Black Markings. He will be about 8 - 10 Pounds Full Grown.

Chester has Mellowed into a Calm, Friendly, Lovable Boy. He is Quiet and Easy Going, and gives a LOT of Puppy Kisses! He will Follow you Everywhere, and Loves to Sit on your Lap. He will Drag his Toys and Bring his Cookies onto your Lap Too!