My Entire Crew

Amadeo playing “Duckie Rescue”

Mio-Man amore Dancing!

12 Week Old Cameo plays with Schrunchie!

Elsa “The Queen” Dolce

  Elsa- Dolce  is a Spayed Female Pekingese that I acquired form a Backyard Breeder in 2003. She is a Beautiful Red and White with a gorgeous Long Flowing Coat. Her Dainty Face is Priceless!

  Elsa required Surgery for Bilateral Medial Luxating Patellas for BOTH Knees, or else she would Never be able to Walk. I did the Surgery on both legs at the same time, and two months later - she was good as new!

  Elsa is Extremely Sweet, and is my Baby. She was very spunky when she was younger, and caused a commotion as a teenager. Today she is 11 years old, and quite laid back. She is my Couch-Buddy and I Love her So Much!




 Bello-Mento is a Pure Bred  Neutered male Japanese Chin. I acquired him from a Pet Store in 2004, when my friend wanted a Turtle for her son. Bello was 7 months old and kept in a 2’ x 2’ Crate for his Entire Life, and I could NOT Leave without him.

Being a Puppy Mill Puppy, Bello did not know a lot of the “outside” world. He had never seen Stairs, Grass, or even his Shadow - which he Ran from at his first encounter. He also did not know common household noises, and shrieked at each one.

  In the Months after Bello cam home with Me, I discovered that he had Hemophilia A, which is a Hereditary Clotting Disorder with No Cure or Preventative. We went through Many Mishaps due to his Hemophilia A, and At One year of Age, Bello had his First Blood Transfusion.

   Bello truly Loved his New Life, and lived Everyday to the Fullest, Racing around the Backyard and Playing with Mio-Man.

Mio-Man Amore

 Mio-Man is a Neutered Male Pure Bred Japanese Chin, that I Adopted from a Backyard Breeder in 2005, to keep my other Japanese Chin, Bello, Company because my Pekes were too Sophisticated to Play with Him.  As I Witnessed, Mio was Mishandled at an Early Age, by his Backyard Breeder. I was Very Happy to get him OUT of that Situation.

    Mio is a Comical Boy, and Always keeps me Laughing. He Absolutely Loves Bello, and they are Inseparable.  All of my Youngsters also LOVE Mio-Man, especially Shasta, as he Plays with her a Lot.   


Cameo di Valore

    Cameo is a Black and White Pekingese. She is very unique. She’s my chunkey-monkey and is super sweet.  She’s quirky and  comical. She is low and long, with a gorgeous well defined head, a beaufitul thick coat and full feathers.

R.I.P. April 2, 2015

R.I.P. November 22, 2016

R.I.P. August 5, 2016

Damita Thalia

    Damita is a Spayed Female Pure Bred Shih Tzu that I Adopted from a Client at Work in 2006. She came from a Puppy Mill in Iowa.

     She had an Ectopic Ureter and Required Surgery to Repair it. (An Ectopic Ureter is when the Ureter from the Kidney to the Bladder bypasses the Bladder and the Result is a Dog that Leaks Urine.) Since the Expensive Surgery had only a 50% Success Rate, her Owner Opted to Adopt her to Me when Damita was Four Months Old. I had the Surgery done by a Boarded Veterinarian Friend of Mine, and it was a Complete Success.

     Damita was a Wonderful Addition to my Family of Four (at that time). Bello was instantly attached to her, and sat by her for weeks.

     Damita is a Sweet and Cuddly, and Sleeps in my Bed with Me. When there is a Litter of Pekes in the House, Damita is known as “The Babysitter”, because she Follows them Everywhere. If you can Find Damita - you will Find the Babies!

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