My Pekingese Parents


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My Available  Puppies My Parents


 Dante-Caprina Sempres Dolce, which means “given unpredictability, always sweet” in Italian, is an AKC registered Pekingese.

 She has silky fur of medium length, with a thin undercoat and heavy feathering on her ears, chest and front legs.  She is black with brown and white markings. She has a beautiful, dainty square head, a tightly curled tail and absolute straight front legs She weighs 17 pounds.

  Dante is a perky, spunky and loving  girl and is very sweet and loyal. She is very cautious of strangers, but never aggressive. She is quite content laying with me on the couch, and often falls asleep in my lap.

She is an excellent mom. She is nurturing and loving and keeps a constant eye on her babies.  She is very protective of her entire family and only allows Aldo near them when they are newborns.   

   She loves to run around outside and she tries really hard to keep up with my Japanese Chins, Bello & Mio.  She LOVES top play and wrestle with the other dogs, but especially her own girls, Shasta & Dalia.


Dante is RETIRED.

Dalia Rhianon’s Dreams UnWind  

  Dalia is a Parti-Colored Female from Aldo & Dante’s Fourth Litter.

  Dalia has a Perfectly Even Bite, a Full Square Head with Adequate Nares. She has straight limbs, solid knees and medium length legs.

  Dalia is a Spunky girl, but Very Sweet, and Definitely a Momma’s Girl! She loves to Run and Play, but also Loves her Hugs.

Dalia is RETIRED.

Alika’s Keeping the Faith

Alika is from Amadeo & Cameo’s First Litter. She is a Gorgeous Fawn Sable with Black Mask and Ears Tips, with White Markings. A Long Body with Shorter Legs, Big & Beautiful Eyes, and a Thick Nasal Fold with Adequate Nares. Her Coat is Soft, Fluffy and of Medium Length.

She is the Perfect Blend of Both of her Parents!


Alika is RETIRED.

Arria Juno’s Gold Dust Woman

  Arria is an AKC Registered, Parti-Colored Femal and she is out of a Long Line of AKC Show Champions that includes LonDu, Katerings and Fourwinds Pekingese.

  This Beautiful Girl is 8 pounds, and has a Beautiful Profuse Silky-Soft Coat, Short Legs and Dainty features.  

 She is Extremely Sweet and Gentle. She LOVES being Outside and Running with her toys in her Mouth. She is Quirky, Funny and Smart.

Arria is RETIRED.

Amato Dio Amadeo

  Amadeo is my beautiful, black & white Parti-Color male. He is a fourth generation from Desert Jade Pekingeses, who have produced over 40 amazing champion Pekingeses. He is AKC registered.

    Amadeo is 11 pounds. He has a perfectly, flat face and a profuse coat. His eyes are big and round, with no Distichia (ingrown eyelashes), so his eyes are virtually tearless. He has a perfect cobby body, which is rectangular. He is heavy-boned and sturdy. His tail is beautifully and tightly curled over his bask, his front legs are straight and his knees are solid.

    He has a delightful, spunky personality. He is ready for play at any time of the day and follows me everywhere! He LOVES the backyard and being outside. In the summer, he plays ‘Duckie Rescue’ in his Pool.  He is also a cuddle-muffin and gives me endless kisses.


Amadeo is RETIRED.

Rumor’s Delight

Rumor is from Alika and Aldo and was born January 30, 2017.

She is Super Sweet and So Cuddly. and She Absolutely LOVES Babies!


Prince Andolini

Prince is from Dalia & Amadeo and was Born July 20, 2018.

Prince is Even Tempered, and Calm. He has a Beautiful Rectangular Body, a Medium Length Thick Coat and a Face to Die for!


Kee-Kee Kiana’s Whisper

Kee-Kee is from Rumor & Amadeo and was Born January 25, 2018.

She is the Perfect Blend of both of her Parents. She has a Rectangular Body, Proportionate Legs, a Flat Face with Adequate Nares. Her Coat is a Wavy Gorgeous Lemon & White.