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 The main problem with air travel, is that it is illegal for airline employees to open your puppy’s crate door under any circumstance, even in an emergency. Pekingese puppies are a brachycephalic breed and are usually only 4-6 pounds between 8-12 weeks of age, with that said, respiratory issues can be exemplified under stress, and the puppy could start having trouble breathing. It only takes 5 minutes of lack of adequate oxygen to become cyanotic (blue) and only 10 minutes for their Co2 to become elevated and cause death. Also, stress causes the puppy to burn more calories, and it is imperative that small puppies eat every couple of hours, and puppies do not eat under stressful situations, and will not eat on a flight, nor will they drink water. Therefore, Dehydration and Hypoglycemia are common ailments for puppies on airline flights, especially for those flights lasting over 4 hours. Without a Medically Trained Individual or Veterinary Technician that stays with your puppy throughout the entire flight - your puppy is at risk for a medical emergency. Under these circumstance, your puppy will not receive any treatment, let alone have anyone monitoring them.  Yes, I realize that many puppies are shipped via airlines, and many of them appear ‘fine’ when you pick them up, however, every puppy is in a crate, alone...and they spend the entire time afraid of the unknown. I am unwilling to knowingly subject any one of my puppies to a stressful situation that may cause a medical emergency that will be left untreated.

     MY QUESTION: Fed Ex safely transports horses on their airlines, but their owners are with them for the entire journey. Why do they not have a service to transport dogs with the same allowances? Horses are not left alone, so why should dogs be left alone?


  I do NOT Cargo Ship my puppies.


 I will allow my puppies to fly home with you as a carry-on, regardless of the length of the flight. Most airlines require a Health Certificate for each puppy, which I can supply you with for an additional $100.00 per puppy.

   You must check with your airline carrier beforehand for their rules and regulations regarding carrying-on small pets, as the rules and regulations vary between airline carriers.

   You will also need an airline certified ‘under-the-seat’ soft pet carrier of specific dimensions, again, you must check with your airline carrier.

 I APPROVE: “SNUB STUB” Airline Transport.

   Snub Stub is a New and Unique Pet Travel Service that Utilizes Animal-Lover Airline Professionals (Stewardesses) to Safely Transport your Puppy to your Destination.

   Stewardesses will Personally “Carry-On” your Puppy, and Keep your Puppy with Them at ALL Times. Your Puppy will be Cuddled and Comfortable for the Entire Flight.

    I have spoken in great length with the owners of Snub Stub, and after inquiring about several aspects, I feel very confident in their service.  Booking Snub Stub and their Fees are the Sole responsibility of the Adopting Owners. Once arrangements are made, I will receive an invoice from Snub Stub.


    Please SEE their Website/Facebook Page for additional information.


    Lola was safely transported by Snub Stub from MA to CA. Lila & Isabella were Very Pleased with Snub Stubs Service and their Personal Transporter, Carmella.

   Lola reached CA 9 Hours Later and was Happy, Vibrant, and Ready for her New Family, as she was Fed and Cuddled the Entire Flight. Lola even got to do her Potties on a Puppy Pad in the Lavatory! Thank You Syed, Mariyum, Carmella and Snub Stub Travel!


     CARGO VAN SERVICE: From my experience, pet transport via van (or box truck) that carries Puppy Mill Puppies (from a Class B Broker) is less than Ideal option due to the airborne and contagious illnesses associated with kenneling too many dogs/puppies in the same ventilated area.  

    Puppy Mill Puppies are already immune compromised due to their childhood stressful conditions, and therefore, are usually already contagious for kennel cough. Subjecting my puppies to sharing the same space as puppy mill puppies is not acceptable.

    PRIVATE COMPANY VAN SERVICE:  There are a few private companies that do not ship Puppy Mill Puppies. However, there is (still) no Medical Professional in the van with the puppies. Thus, if a medical emergency arises, your puppy is left untreated, and that is assuming that the driver even notices something abnormal with your puppy. This is unacceptable to me.





   DOOR TO DOOR: I do offer my personal transport of your new Pekingese puppy via my personal vehicle to your home or other agreed upon meeting place, for your convenience.

   AAP (All About Pekingeses)/Laurie Reggiannini aka Reggie, will safely transport your New Pekingese Puppy to your home address or other agreed upon ‘Meeting Place’.

   About Pekingeses will drive ‘Up to 3 hours’ of travel time (one-way) via vehicle, all arraignments are to be made and Fees Paid for 2 weeks PRIOR to such Delivery/Transport Date.

   My Travel Fee is based upon the total hours of accrued driving time, as per Map Quest (one-way), at $100 for the First Hour of Travel, and then $50.00 per hour traveled thereafter, to Reach our Agreed upon Destination. Depending on the hour(s) traveled, AAP (All About Pekingeses)/Laurie Reggiannini aka Reggie, may or may not make ‘Rest Stops’ every 2-4 hours, as needed, for 15 minutes each stop, for your new puppy’s bathroom duties and mental stability and will be calculated into the Total Travel Fees.


Vehicle Transport: $100 for the First Hour Traveled, and then $50.00 per Hour Traveled Thereafter

Airport Travel: $100.00


AIRPORT TRAVEL:  I will Transport your New Puppy to Boston, Mass. Logan International Airport for a Flat Rate of $100. Driving into Boston, MA is an Unpredictable Task, and I must allow Ample Time for Travel. Airport Travel includes my Travel Time of 2 Hours, Parking, plus any and all Accrue Parking Fees and Tunnel/Toll Expenses.