The Pekingese is a very healthy, sturdy breed. As is with many different breeds of dog, certain breeds have their own circle of health concerns.

   As many websites do, they list the health concerns with certain breeds, however, the concerns that they list may be the problems, issues or health concerns for many breeds of dog, which very often includes crossbred dogs and mutts, and not just the breed they are writing about. Therefore, these health concerns cannot be singled out as owned by any particular breeds’ issues, right?

     I have come across and read many, many websites that claim to know about the health concerns regarding certain breeds of dog, but the writers for these websites often have no credentials or clinical experience behind what they are writing about, nor has their writing been subject to scrutiny or testing/proof by their peers. As always, don’t always believe what you read; if you find something that you question, inquire about who is doing the writing - who are they? Are they veterinarians, veterinary technicians, breeders, groomers, journalists, or (just) simply dog owners. Do they have any valid experience? As with all professionals, just because they are professionals doesn’t necessarily mean that they are right and others are wrong, or that they are the sharpest needle(s) in the haystack.

     In thirty-plus years of experience that I have in the veterinary industry, I feel that I have become an expert in many areas regarding small animals, especially dogs. So with that experience, my website contains the most common problems, issues or health concerns regarding the Pekingese.

       Included in this list are problems that can plague any breed of dog, but are the most common issues that the veterinary industry has come across in the past few decades, which I assume are the real health concerns for the Pekingese, or problems that you should be aware of if you own  Pekingese.


Health Concerns

Heat Stroke Airway Disease Patella Luxations Disk Disease Premautre Closure of Distal Physis