Puppies’ New Homes

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Puppies' New Homes

My Dear Babies,

    I Miss You Everyday, and Think of You Constantly. I am comforted with the Fact that I have Chosen You the Best Home where you can Follow Your Dreams, be with the Most Wonderful Parents EVER, and I know that You are Extremely Happy and Loved Immensely.

     I am Confident that I have given You The Best Childhood a Puppy could EVER ask for, Take these Memories with You, blend them to Your Family and Prosper.  

    I would LOVE to Visit You all, and Cherish EVERY Photo You have sent. Please Keep Me Close and Always know that I love each and every one of you So Much.

     I wish you Happiness, Health and Lots of Love. Give Your Parents a Hug for Me!




DL1- Beatrix, Champa, Tonka, Ziva, Jewel, Jack, Cocoa.

DL2 - Mowgli, Harley, Angel, Reece Boo Darla

DL3 - Ginger, Maylee, Zeus, Jolene

DL4 - Dalia, Lexi, Pandora, Sebastian, Batman, Jackpot

DL5 - Bubbles, Lola, Bronson, Cookie, Bugsy

Macchia’s I See Spots

ML1 -  Lili, Pow Pow, Kodi, Cinnamon

ML2 - Milo, Gonzo, Beaker, Gino

Cameo di Valore

CL1 -  Alika, Hope

CL2 - Winston, Churchill

CL3 - Khloe, Ruger, Cornelius, Everest, Mercy

Arria’s Gold Dust Woman

AL1- Ace, Brando, Raichu, Chester

AL2 - Barbie, BaZooka

ARR3 - Melody, Layla

Dalia Rhiannons Dreams Unwind

DAL1 - Bandit, Blaze, Des, Opal, Polly, Tia

DAL2 - Nacho, Butch, Bella, Chickadee, Francine, Nyala, Chandler.

DAL3 - Prince, Penny, Maisie, Jazzy, Fiona, Rocksie.

Alika’s Keepin’ the Faith

ALAL1 - Willow, Zoey, Tucker, Louie, Phoebe

ALAL2 - Rexx, Zane, Tehya, Rumor

ALAM3 - Grayson, Colada, Finnegan, Gilda, Jethro.

Dante & Aldo DL1 Dante & Aldo DL2 Dante & Aldo DL3 Dante & Aldo DL4 Dante & Amadeo DL5 Cameo and Amadeo CL1 Cameo & Amdeo CL2 Cameo & Amadeo CL3 Macchia & Aldo ML1 Macchia & Aldo ML2 Arria and Amadeo AL1 Arria & Aldo AL2 Dalia & Amadeo DAL1 Alika & Aldo ALL1 UPDATED
Dalia & Amadeo DAL2 Alika & Aldo ALL2 Arria & Amadeo AL3

Rumor’s Delight

RL1 - Kiana’s Whisper

Rumor & Amadeo RL1 Dalia and Amadeo AL3 Alika AL3