Mass Production Kennels

Puppy Mills are Commercial Enterprises strictly designed for Massive Revenue, and High Profit.

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How to Spot a Mass Production Kennel or Puppy Mill !

Massive Producing Kennels are Puppy Mills, and Pet Store Puppies are Puppy Mill Puppies!

A USDA Licensed Breeder is a Mass Producing Kennel, and can sell their puppies to Pet Stores.

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Mass Production Kennels

  Large Scale Commercial Breeders or Mass Production Kennels are everywhere. Even if they are the cleanest kennels, there are irrefutable issues regarding the well-being of puppies. They may be vaguely loved, but they are withheld from human contact and withheld from their parents.

  These puppies are suddenly separated from their parents at 8 weeks of age, in order to send them to be sold. I feel this is detrimental to the puppy’s socialization, mental health and well-being. These puppies are deprived of learning ‘dog’ behavior from adult dogs, and are not being reprimanded by adult dogs, which I feel is vital for stimulation and learning.

  The dogs and puppies often live in a kennel environment and do not know how to go up or down stairs, and are not puppy-pad or potty trained. They spend their days standing on wire crate bottoms, or in a dog run with several other puppies with pine shavings. They do not have consistent, constant, calm interaction with people and they are held contained by a barrier. This causes extreme frustration to the puppy who just wants to be with people. Puppies need love and interaction all day long, not just a few moments of scrambling for individual attention while their cage is being cleaned.

 These puppies do not receive adequate exercise, regardless of the size of their crates or kennels, and regardless of the ten or fifteen minutes the puppy spends with a potential buyer. Puppies require exercise for mental and physical health, and at eight weeks of age or older, they should be able to run at top speed and play for at least an hour every 3-4 hours of every day. Denying exercise to a puppy causes severe behavioral problems that are harbored throughout their entire lives, including but not limited to separation anxiety, circling, chewing walls and floors. Also, their health suffers and there are developmental concerns regarding their bone, muscle and ligament development. If puppies do not adequately exercise, their muscles become atrophied, their bones become weaker and their ligaments can become calcified.

  Keep in mind, that it is not the puppy's fault that it is in this situation, puppies do not know a better life. Its hard not to want to rescue all of them,  and get them out of the situation that they are in, but, the more people buy puppies from pet stores, the more puppies the  puppy mills will produce.


   You will find that a Passionate Breeders’ dogs’ live in their main residence and are with their owners at all times. Many of these dogs and puppies are not kenneled, crated or cut-off from human contact. The puppies of these breeders, are able to roam free in an area with their adult parents and possibly (usually) other dogs and pets. These puppies are familiar with the daily routines of most people and common household items used in everyday ‘real’ life. They are exposed to phones ringing, garbage disposals, carpet, rugs, stairs, showers, and the vacuum cleaner.

   I do not agree with, or understand how a breeder can raise puppies and dogs in a kennel environment and then expect these puppies to easily transition to their new, totally different lifestyle of living WITH PEOPLE, instead of WITHOUT PEOPLE. It just doesn’t make sense. In addition, behavioral problems and negative repercussions from this puppy’s childhood, will only be evident when integrated in a totally different lifestyle.

    These breeders do not have any concept of  or even care how puppies develop mentally, and simply & ignorantly prevent them from having a healthy childhood.  Puppies need to be with their parents, often a lot longer than 8 weeks of age. They also need human contact during most of the day, unless they are sleeping.  It is absolutely beneficial for puppies to be raised in an environment similar to what they will be in for the rest of their lives.

    In my professional opinion, I feel that a high percentage of dogs in shelters are the result of Large Scale Commercial Breeders, who breed these puppies merely for profit, thus ignoring the harmful effects that their ‘business’ brands on all of their puppies. These behavioral issues that these puppies learn - Lasts a Lifetime! Breeders who are breeding puppies without Specific Priorities to the puppies Healthy Mental State is devastating to me, and also for those people who adopt these puppies.

  It is for the reasons stated above, that I choose to raise my puppies underfoot, and no matter how many dogs I have, they will all live in my residence, interacting with all of the others dogs, and without being crated in a separate room, for the duration of their time with me.

Mass Production Commercial Kennels

A Neglected Baby’s Childhood

    Mass Production Kennels are Large Scale Commercial Kennels who house ALL of their dogs and PUPPIES outside of their own private residence, in a Kennel.

   My professional opinion is that dogs and puppies need to be with people at all times, especially companion dog breeds. Companion Dogs were bred to be with people At All Times, and subjecting them to a ‘kennel life’ is detrimental to their Mental/Behavior Health and Wellness.