When you purchase a puppy from me, you will receive a plethora of information as well as numerous puppy items. I love each of my puppies and wish them a very happy, full life with the family of their dreams.

     I will do everything in my power to ensure that you are well informed in all aspects of puppy care and that all my puppies receive all the love and care that they require.

What Comes with Your Puppy?

 My Pekingese puppy or puppies are for sale to approved homes only.

Your Puppy Folder Includes:

ALSO included with your New Puppy:

All items are Brand New.  

ALL Items are subject to “While Supplies Last”.

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What Comes with Your Puppy?


All of my puppies currently eat Authority Puppy Canned Food and Dry Puppy Small Breed Food. I add hot water to the dry food for about 1 minute, then drain. They receive as much as they want  three times a day.

    Feedings can be switched to twice a day at the age of 6-8 Months. However, I DO recommend feeding twice daily for life.

   You can switch the puppy’s food if you wish. The switch should be made very gradually, taking a total of 10 days or more. I recommend any well-balanced brand available.

   I would recommend avoiding Store Brand Foods or Food Available in any Super Market Chain.

Switching Puppy’s Diet:

All puppies

Go-Home with

One Can and a Tub of Dry Food.